Paulos Abraham: “The criticism is justified”

Paulos Abraham has not got it fully functional at FC Groningen. Now the Swedish winger says he is aware of the criticism.


Paulos Abraham left AIK to join Dutch club FC Groningen in February 2021.

But the sojourn has not been an easy one. The 21-year-old is listed for two goals and three assists in 57 appearances, and has received a lot of criticism.


“Of course I am aware of the criticism. It’s justified because I think I can do better than I’ve shown, but I’m getting better and better. I show it in training,” he told Dagblad van het Noorden, according to Every Day Winning Tips.

FC Groningen was eliminated from the Eredivisie last spring, and thus plays in the Dutch second division this season.

Abraham’s contract runs through the summer of 2026.

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